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Book Order Philosophy

It is our basic philosophy, and our company policy, to encourage book sales through established reputable book stores. To this end, we do not sell books directly. We support the book store system and the people who own and operate them. If you are interested in purchasing any of our authors' books, please visit your local book store and ask for the book by Title and Author or by ISBN number. In this way, you can establish or continue a relationship with the people who operate it. Asking for one of our books may lead you to browse for others of a similar nature, and this, too, will help support the book store system. For browsing in an environment that encourages you to read can be a link in expanding your awareness.

Mission Statement

Dolphin Media publishes books and electronic media that are engaging and exciting for anyone seeking inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment, as well as practical how-to knowledge from a variety of sources.


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