When Spirits Touch the Red Path

"When the times that are upon you are filled with confusion and uncertainty, you will have need of great truths. When the times that are upon you no longer show you the path to travel as clearly as you could once see it, you need the light of the spirit to guide you. When you can no longer find the friend you once knew within you and you feel the loneliness that comes to you each night, then you need to find the path you were meant to travel. When you do this, those things will be put back into balance for you." - These are the sayings of our people. 

Grandfather was a Spirit Caller of the Isletta Pueblo, and he used this time to teach much of the wisdom of our people to Cheeway and me. There is much information that has been released to me. Not all of it can be contained in this book, but this book is filled with a very important page of our people's history.

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