Watchers From the Shadows and the Light

Watchers from The Shadows and The Light is a fast paced mystery questioning humanity’s origins and belief systems set against the Central American jungle and the American Southwest. It is the story of a young archeologist who has ancient responsibility thrust upon him from the depths of the Peruvian jungle. Catalyzed by a holographic speaking stone, he and four close friends venture deep into the Yucatan jungle, searching for the Ancient City of Prophecy. Their adventures lead them to understand what global energy ley lines, a lost pyramid, a dangerous priest from an incredibly powerful yet unknown 2,000 year-old order, and a forgotten race of people all have in common. In time, their journey breaks through age-old illusions and introduces them to new realities of mankind’s existence and purpose. 

ISBN 0-9786664-4-5     $19.95

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