Spirits of the Flame

Spirits of the Flame continues the "Messenger Series" novels. In this, Speaking Wind's long childhood friend, Cheeway, nears death and he and Speaking Wind are visited by Calling Thunder, another Spirit Caller. While the messages they receive are not from Calling Thunder, they are indeed through him. They learn that when you place yourself first in all things you do and say most people will believe you to be selfish and unfair to others. But, in truth, you are being true to yourself so that events will come to you for you to work through and learn from. This is the very reason your spirit sat in council with the Earth Mother asking for entry into this domain. Your spirit has already agreed to the events that will come to you. In this book, you will discover what really happens when you are presented with situations causing strong negative emotions and why you should never turn away from them. You will learn why the most important choice you will face in life is whether to follow the path led by the body and fed by the emotions, or the path led by the spirit and fed by the spirit.  

ISBN 0-9786664-3-7     $19.95

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