Speaking Wind, a Native American author, lecturer, and publisher, was raised by Grandfather, Two Bears, and White Eagle of the Pueblo People. He knew them as Spirit Callers, but in today's terms we would call them "SHAMAN". Grandfather and Two Bears raised him, and his brothers Cheeway, and Nahe, in the mountains of northern New Mexico for almost twenty years of their early life. This is where they were introduced to the ways of the Spirit.

However, these teachings were to be put asleep for a time, and were not to be remembered until the time was right. But before the time was right, Grandfather, Two Bears, and White Eagle left, with their bodies, and several years later, Cheeway, and Nahe, ended their journey with the Earth Mother as well. That left Speaking Wind alone, to sort and process, what he had been given to share.

When Speaking Wind, Cheeway, and Nahe were very young, they were placed in a boarding school for several years. And this became the first of their experiences from having the control of others attempt to bury their spiritual beliefs.

During their boarding school experience, they were not allowed to speak their people's language, or practice their spirituality. And, there were placed on them, many scars of abuse for breaking these rules. During the boarding school years, they, as well as others who were either mixed, or full blooded Native Americans, were not taught to read or write. Instead, they were marched to the back of the school and picked up by residents, then taken to their private homes, and farms, where they would work, for no pay. They would be returned to the boarding school, only, when it was time for them to learn of its religion.

However, they had asked too many questions from the teachings of Grandfather, Two Bears and White Eagle. Questions the teachers could not answer. So, they were labeled as "Spawns Of Satan" and forced to leave so they would not influence the children who were not following the devils evil ways.

When Speaking Wind, Nahe, and Cheeway entered the public school system, they could not read or write. They had not been taught. So not only the teachers, but also the students, called them dumb Indians.

That left a mark on them, and gave them the determination to pursue their academic goals. Cheeway completed his Ph.D. and worked as one of the head archeologists in the Yucatan Peninsula uncovering many of the ancient writings and civilizations that related to the sacred writings of the Pueblo People.

Nahe pursued a career in law enforcement then went on to become Sheriff in a small town in New Mexico.

Speaking Wind attained two undergraduate degrees, two graduate degrees, and completed one half of his Ph.D. He taught, in the school of business, at the University of Phoenix, and then worked as a consultant in Asia, later spending almost sixteen years, as a consultant in Europe.

However, for Speaking Wind, all of this was to end in 1993 when he died and was taken to the lands of The Ancient Ones. This is where he was not only reunited with Grandfather, Two Bears, White Eagle, Cheeway and Nahe, but also the "GREAT MESSENGER". This was when the "GREAT MESSENGER" gave Speaking Wind a message to bring back. A message that was to be shared with all who had the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart to feel, and the willingness of spirit to understand. It was a message of love, a message of hope, but most of all; it was a message that could replace fear, with understanding, for everyone.

It was at this time, when Speaking Wind was told it was time to begin his work, and return to Turtle Island (The Continental United States) with his son, White Raven.

For the next five years, Speaking Wind and White Raven would tour the United States holding seminars. In these, Speaking Wind would present and teach Native American spiritual practices and perform healing ceremonies to those willing to receive them. Perhaps the most compelling of the ceremonies Patrick performed were the spirit drummings. During some of these, a dimensional "portal" would open and people looking into the eye of a stranger would be able to see an image aspect of their own spirit as they truly were.

But it was the drumming at Kinlock, one of the sacred areas in the land now known as Bankhead National Forest, which always resulted in different manifestations. Many times, people heard native flute music playing. And on more than one occasion, several people admitted to actually seeing images of the Old Ones.

Times were very fast paced for Patrick during the 1990's. Years of a grueling seminar schedule and many overnight hours of working on his latest manuscripts finally took their toll. On December 22nd, 1998, Speaking Wind crossed over. Or, as Patrick would say, he allowed his robes to fall away and leave the Earth Mother.

Since his departure, his physical presence has been greatly missed. But his spirit has visited many of us. And while his teachings are carried forward in the form of his books, manuscripts, and tapes, it is his personal impact on a small circle of friends and seminar acquaintances that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. (Yes, Patrick, that includes your wacky sense of humor!).

Washte Speaking Wind. 

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