Sha `La's Message


This book is written for people who like to read, have spiritual gifts or connections with the unknown and for people who are seekers, wanting information on how to develop their own spiritual, or physic gifts.

I have written about much of my life to show people that there is hope in all levels and departments of your life. We can overcome life’s lessons through prayer, meditation and listening to our higher selves, and guidance from God, Goddess, Source, or whatever you want to call the Divine that shares our identity of life. 

God has said, “I will grant you pardon from past sins. Sin is harming yourself or others through thought, words, actions and deeds.” 

The first thing is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for allowing emotions to build and be stored that harm your body, mind and spirit. Once you let go of these emotions you can live a healthier, happier, wealthier and more productive life and lifestyle. You can feel, and be, the peace that everyone prays for. And therefore the vibration from you can spread throughout the Universe, putting things back in Divine Order. 

You will then know through the experience why you are here and what to do about it. Divinity is in all of us; we just have to tap back into that vibration and frequency to become the greater I AM PRESENCE OF THE I AM. 

As you will see in this book, I had to overcome a lot of things in my life to even come to this point to write about it. Through a lot of different clearings I had to learn to release not only things in this life but past lives and parallel lives, plus perpendicular lives, that connect into this dimension as a whole.

There will be much more information in my next book on how to perform energy clearings in greater detail to assist you on your journeys to grow and flourish with your desires and needs of today’s world. So you can help in making the world a better place for you and your future and for others and their future. 

Be good to yourselves and others. And things will work out for you.

Love, Peace, Blessings, and Divine Guidance to All, 


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